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Valet Parking

Old Dominion Parking is a veteran owned valet parking company home based in Richmond,Virginia.We believe that valet parking should always be a pleasant and safe experience for all who take advantage of the service.We realize that you are entrusting us with a very valuable possession,your vehicle,and it is our goal to never undermine that trust.Each valet parking site is pre-visited and is carefully planned out to provide a safe and efficient method for all vehicles to be moved away from and back to the event site.We always designate a specific area to park the valet vehicles and only those vehicles.Our valet parking attendants are trained to be courteous to customers and respectful of the vehicles they are entrusted to drive.We screen their driving records and make sure that they all know how to properly drive all makes of vehicles.A valet parking greeter is always present throughout the event at the front entrance to the event.ALL vehicles are locked,keys secured and the area where these vehicles are stored is guarded at all times.We utilize professional two way radios with private frequencies to reduce the wait time for returning vehicles.We provide umbrellas and assistance during inclement weather.All valet parking attendants wear the following:a white golf shirt,black pants and,in cold weather,a yellow jacket.There is no extra charge for any of the equipment used during the event.We offer these services for the following:

           Universities   Private Parties    Country Clubs     Churches        

        Caterers    Political / Corporate Fund Raisers    Wedding Venues      

Contact us at : 804-264-8916 or at
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